Your Daily Chapel

A friend described to me her daily ninety-minute commute. “Ninety minutes,” I commiserated. “Don’t feel sorry for me,” she smiled, “I use the trip to think about God.” She went on to describe how she fills the hour listening to entire books of the Bible. She recites prayers. By the time she reaches her place of employment, she’s ready for the day. She says, “I turn my commute into my chapel.” Is there a block of time you can claim for God?
— Max Lucado

For my wife, it is 30 minutes in the morning. Reading scripture, watching a video, and doing a little singing and praying. I see it. I hear it. She does not do it because she is married to a pastor. She does it because she is married to God. So often I am reminded by her and others, that we need to make it happen. Make what happen, you may ask? Making our daily chapel. One of the neatest places I used to love going to was the small little chapel at the Methodist Church. I loved the way it looked. It seemed so much more intimate. It seemed quieter. It seemed like God was really there with me.  Today, tomorrow, the next day…. Find your chapel. Wherever it is. Just get alone with Him. The more you do it the more you will feel God near you.

Matthew 6:6

Your scripture reading today. Just meditate on this verse and speculate why Jesus would tell us to do this.

- Pastor Troy


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