He can’t stop thinking about you!

If a basketball player stands at the foul line repeating, “I’ll never make the shot, I’ll never make the shot,” guess what? He’ll never make the shot! Fear of insignificance creates the result it dreads; and arrives at the destination it tries to avoid. If you pass your days mumbling, “I’ll never make a difference; I’m not worth anything,” you sentence yourself to a life of gloom without parole. Even more, you are disagreeing with God. Questioning his judgment. Second-guessing his taste. According to him you were “skillfully made” (Psalm 139:14). He can’t stop thinking about you! 
— Max Lucado

“He can’t stop thinking about you!” What a quote from Max. I have another one. “Can you not stop thinking about Jesus?” Have you ever had something on your mind so much that you could not stop thinking about? How were you going to pay for that bill? Is the loan going to go through? Will they like me at the job interview? Will I pass that test? Is my spouse still mad at me? Are my kids going to make the try-outs? It is a never-ending worry? Guess what? No one is exempt! When I think about what Jesus was consumed about I believe it was two things. His Father and us. His whole creation was built around these two things. So, when life gets you consumed over one thing in particular, meditate on Him. Give it over to Him. He will guide you. He will show you. He will set your paths straight.

Never take Proverbs 3:5,6 lightly. It is one of His greatest promises.

Pastor Troy

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