We are a church that wants to be community driven. Our focus is to meet the needs of people by opening our hearts to the lost, the hurting, and to the ones that want to be involved and plugged into a great church. Our desire is to fulfill God's Great Commission by offering community outreach events. Such as block parties, fall festivals, Harvest America, Easter Egg Hunts, VBS, and up-coming monthly camps for kids and adults to experience a warm atmosphere while learning many crafts for free; ie music, workout, computer training, sports, art classes, and camping. Our goal is to be kid friendly and safe, but also family driven. Our church also goes to downtown Dallas to serve the homeless a few times each year.

We have also partnered with the Smith Family who are missionaries in Piedras Negras, Mexico.  We fully believe in their mission and what God is doing through them to help the people in Mexico.  To find out more information  and to give to their cause, check the buttons below:

Piedras Negras

with the Smith Family