The Word Hand

This is from the Navigators Ministry where I learned for six years about evangelism and serious discipleship. I pray this will be a great tool for you to use in your spiritual journey.

"Nothing replaces the Word of God and the Power of Prayer. Although, doing it right takes commitment to one key thing: Relationship with that person. It's a journey. It's life. That's true discipleship."
- Troy DeFeo


Romans 10:17

Hearing the Word taught by godly pastors and teachers provides fresh insight into the Scriptures to challenge and expand your own understanding, as well as stimulating your own appetite for its truth.


Revelation 1:3

Reading the Bible is often the way that God most directly speaks to us. Many people find it helpful to use a daily reading program or other method that takes a systematic approach to drawing lessons from the Bible.


Acts 17:11

Earnestly studying the Scriptures allows God's Word to speak directly to our hearts—to correct, encourage, and edify us. Writing down your discoveries will help you organize and remember them.


Psalm 119:9, 11

Memorizing God's Word trains us to use of the Sword of the Spirit when we are faced with temptations and opposition by Satan. By holding passages from the Bible in our minds we are also able to have them readily available for witnessing or in encouraging others with a "word in season" (2 Timothy 4:2).


Psalm 1:2, 3

Meditation is the thumb of the Word Hand, because when used in conjunction with each of the other methods, the Spirit begins to deeply move in our hearts and speak to our souls. Only as we meditate on God's Word—thinking of its meaning and application in our lives—will we discover its transforming power at work within us.

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