Be Happy

Today’s devotional is a poem I decided to write. I am not a poet so bare with me. :)

Worry can be such a painful thing,
it can cause our heart a great big sting.
If we don't know how to cope,
you will feel there is no hope.

God said He will lead if you will follow,
but you must trust Him, even if it is tomorrow.
Don't be discouraged if His plans are slow,
it might just be to help you grow.

You may be hurting because of a loss;
don't forget the Man on the cross.
He knows your pain better than most,
He will comfort you with His Holy Ghost.

If you are depressed and feeling a little sad,
can you find something to be glad?
It may be your heart that needs to forgive;
to someone that you don't care if they live.

Forgiveness can be such a wonderful thing,
remember Jesus, our forgiving King.
He is the one we should emulate,
can you find in your heart that special trait?

If you will let go and let God do the rest,
you will see He actually knows best.
Don't think for a second God doesn't care;
He sent his Son to die, you think that’s fair?

So when you are having that pity party,
maybe you should be reminded to say your sorry.
Maybe you can let it come to a halt,
because not everything is someone else's fault.

None of us are perfect so lets make that clear,
 whatever issues you have get out in the air.
Don't hold your pain or the rage inside,
all it will do is make you want to cry.

I hope this poem didn't come like a punch,
but I'm just giving you my thoughts during lunch.
Many are sad and feeling no hope,
I'm sorry you got me instead of the Pope.

I hope this will bring a little smile in your today.

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