The Black Diamond

Have you ever tried to do something that you knew you shouldn't do because you were pressured?  Or maybe you did something because you wanted to just challenge yourself ?

Well, about 15 years ago I went snow skiing with some of my church friends to Angel Fire.  Usually when we go we always start off with a green easy run, and then build to a Blue.  By the third run or so we have found our legs and are ready for a more challenging day.  So as we are getting off off the chairlift we see this snowmobile pulling skier's up by a rope to the top of the back side of the mountain.  We think, "cool, that looks fun".  We all knew where it was headed, and we all knew it was not going to be easy.  This had stupid written all over it.  So as were hanging on the rope we are also laughing because we know in just a few minutes someone is going to get hurt.

(It's a guy thing for any lady reading this).  So we get to the top and begin to ski over to the edge.  I have never seen such a steep slope in all my life.  I am thinking to myself, there is no way I'm doing this.  So as the laughter is trying to over-power the fear, one by one my friends are jumping on to the slopes.  I'm just waiting for one of them to kill themselves.  Well they all made it down, and they are all looking at me to hurry up and get down there.  I'm freaking out!  I knew I could not back down.  My pride, and their meanness would never let this go.  I begin to edge my skis off the top, and as soon as I lifted up my ski, they crossed one another.  I fell backwards head first, ski's popped off, and now I'm headed down the mountain facing the Heavens above going what had to be 900 mph.  As I am falling down the mountain I hear laughing, and yelling, are you OK!  I'm like really.  Do I look OK, and why do I have so much snow down my pants?  So I finally get down to the bottom where I just lay there.  I'm trying to move all my limbs to make sure I had not broken anything.  My friends were just laughing as if they saw something funny.  I did begin to start laughing, but told them to back up and get my skis, and I would just wait for them here.  So they left, and I was just laying there in God's country enjoying the view.  I pulled out of my jacket some water and a Snicker's bar.  Every great skier knows to bring water and a snack for occasions like this. :)  After I ate, and drank my water, I now have to pee.  I'm looking around and I don't see anyone in sight.  So I reached down, rolled over, and did my business.  So as my friends finally made it back down they see my empty water bottle, my wrapper, and what they couldn't believe was the prettiest yellow snow. They said, you ate all your rationing in 30 minutes.  And did you really just pee right there.  I said, "I was hungry and thirsty, and the trees were too far to walk to."  We all just had a big laugh and went and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Well you are probably wondering what bible verse could I possibly use for this devotional, or how can this be applicable in my walk with Christ.  To be honest, I really just wanted to share a funny story about myself.  However, I do feel I have the responsibility to come up with something. :)

Do you ever feel pressure in doing something you know the Holy Spirit is telling you not to do?  Proverbs 14:12 says, There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.  For some reason I felt this was appropriate.

Or maybe you want to try something new because you feel your life needs a change or challenge?   Isaiah 30:21 says, And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, 'This is the way, walk in it,' when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.  I believe we all have been in these situations from one time or another where we should have just turned around.

Final thought: Make good choices.  Don't try to impress people with your pride or arrogance.  People aren't impressed.  Be humble and make smart choices.  If your this type of person than pray that God will help you overcome it.


E. Talk

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