I Love Lucy

Good evening,

Tonight I'm talking about the Christmas rush.  Do you ever dread the Christmas Holidays for the simple reason it is too stressful?  Do you find yourself spending more time for everyone else, than taking time for you?  I hope I give you just one thing to consider during this Christmas season. 

Do you remember the episode of "I love Lucy" where Lucy and Ethel needed a job so they went to go work for a candy factory?  They were being taught how to grab the candy off the assembly line one by one, and would put them in the boxes.  They found that it was pretty easy at first.  When the boss felt they had it down the belt start moving faster.  They were trying to grab those candies as fast as they could.  They were stuffing them in their apron, the top of their hat, lap, mouth, and anywhere else they could find a place to hold them.  However, they were just missing most of them.  As they were going by really fast they got very frustrated and exhausted.  They had just about enough and were ready to just give up. 

I believe Christmas can be just like that job.  We start off slow getting a few things here and there, but all of a sudden it draws nearer, and we start to panic.  We realize we cannot keep up with all the shopping, decorating, parties, family visits, food to cook, grocery shopping, stress of spending money, Church events, and before you know it, you are stressed to the max.  You are now completely frustrated and exhausted. 

I hope you will take time to slow down and actually enjoy your Christmas for you, not for everyone else.  Like for me and my family, I know it's easier said than done.  Maybe we should come to the point in our lives that it is just about spending time with family, friends, and Christ.  Maybe it's not about the stress of spending all this money on presents for everyone; or cooking a huge meal that keeps you in the kitchen all day.  Just take a deep breathe and remember; the reason for season is to celebrate Jesus.  If we are like Lucy, and we do not take the time to slow it down, we may find out that we have totally missed the joy of Christmas.  

I pray that you will find your Joy in Christmas. And Remember, if you can't find the time to bake that pie, vacuum the floor before guest arrive, or wrap that present, just tell yourself that  it will be ok, because you found the Joy in Christmas. 

Merry Christmas!

E. Talk

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