OTIS’s Mission

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Service is a way of seeing the world in the Light of God
— Otis J. Hewitt III

I love to serve! I have served in many capacities this past year, with my church and a veterans group that I belong to. But where does GOD want me? I have always loved the feeling I get when I can serve to someone in need. I believe it’s my calling. I am currently a Center Manager for the Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas at the Garland office. Where our focus is to assist the Garland community in finding employment through our programs and resources.

I have a strong background in community partnership and I would love to bring that effort to Joseph’s House. I want Joseph’s House to be on the top of our community partner’s resources list! In turn, I want Joseph’s House to build its presence with the community.

How do we begin?

  • Build a supporting cast of church members

  • Community Partners Outreach (Garland Resource List)

  • Community Outreach (low-income apts., neighborhoods)

Living Hope and Joseph’s House may be small, but we have a big heart. Let’s share with our community!