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Providing hope and financial help to families with children battling terminal and chronic illnesses. 

Think BIG in a small way!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to show God's love by helping families dealing with terminally or chronically ill children.

Our Story:


We are Kerry and Shelly Draper, and this is our story of why we started Jars of Hope.

In February of 1998 our lives changed forever when our youngest daughter, Kimber, was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of eight. Although living with this horrible disease was, and is, life altering, she managed to live a semi-normal life. But at the age of 15, life changed again for her. She began to develop numerous other health issues that were, and continue to be, very debilitating. Due to this, we found ourselves spending numerous days and weeks in the hospital. We were often times broken, both spiritually and financially. There were days that we prayed for God to just meet our basic needs, not to mention the enormous doctor and hospital bills we were facing. Because of this, our hearts desire was to try and meet the small needs that are often overlooked. Therefore we began to think BIG in a small way by collecting change in jars to help families who find themselves in similar situations. 

The goal of Jars of Hope is not to meet huge medical needs, or to provide them with big enormous gifts, but rather to help meet the small, day to day needs or wants. Most important though, is to provide HOPE. Our desire is to encourage, spiritually support and share the love of Jesus Christ to these families whose children are chronically and terminally ill. 


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